EasyFit Isolator

Isolates live water supplies

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An isolator or stopcock which clamps directly onto live pressurised hot or cold pipe.  The EasyFit provides a full bore, permanent WRAS approved stopcock with no need to restrict service or freeze pipes.

This valve performs a unique function in many situations:

  • It can be used as an emergency stopcock or shut-off valve for leaking pipes.

  • It can be fitted where the stop-cock has stopped working or is inaccessible providing a new stop-cock.

  • Provides the unique opportunity to work on a hot heating system removing the need to drain a system to perform maintenance or repair.

  • Saves days of work in cooling, draining, refilling and returning to aerate a system.

  • "No need to freeze" use an Aladdin EasyFit instead to save time without disrupting services.

  • Use in multi-occupancy buildings (e.g hotels, shops and HMOS) without disrupting supply to other occupants.

  • Use to isolate ANY water feed hot or cold.

  • An Eco friendly alternative to freezing pipes or draining systems.

  • Allows isolation to be fitted in areas of a building where none existed.

  • Guaranteed for 10 years.

  • It can be used on Copper Pipe, Pex Pipe, Polybutylene Pipe or Multi Layer Pipe.

There are currently 2 sizes of EasyFit for sale 15mm and 22mm; with a 28mm version due for sale in early 2021.  The valves require a bespoke toolkit for fitting which is included in the Starter Packs.  The Refill Packs include the valves only.  The toolkits can also be purchased separately.

The pipe is cut without swarf so no fragments of metal enter the pipe.  Instead the pipe slub which is removed is pushed safely to the rear of the housing away from the water flow.  Shown here.

We think the EasyFit is a great bit of kit but don't just take our word for it.....

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Cutting into the pipe