Automatically bleed radiators with Aladdin Autovents

SAVE £££s


  • Fit to your radiator to automatically remove air. 

  • Save energy - even a small amount of air in a radiator makes a boiler work harder to heat a room and uses more energy.  Removing the air allows the boiler to work more efficiently saving energy & money.

  • Keeps your radiator hot to the top - air in radiators collects at the top which makes it cold.  Fitting an Autovent removes the air keeping the radiator hot.

  • Air in the radiator causes corrosion in the heating system which can shorten your boiler and radiator's life.  

  • 5 year guarantee

Aladdin Autovents can be fitted in any orientation - vertical, horizontal or even upside down.

There are various sizes which will fit all radiators.  The most common size in the UK is 1/2" there are two models for this size - the HV30c which has a removeable cartridge (at the end of the valve's life only the cartridge is replaced) or the HV30 model this is a complete valve (the whole thing is replaced at the end of it's life).  

With a ½” BSP thread, the threaded hole in the tapping at the top of the radiator is approximately 20mm diameter – you should be able to fit your index finger in the tapping.  The plug screwed into the tapping will either be a chrome hexagonal valve, or a “plug” with a square cavity in it.  If you are uncertain of the size or for smaller tappings please contact your radiator’s manufacturer.  If you are uncertain of the make or model of your radiator, remove the bleed pin and measure with Vernier Calipers always fit the largest size of Autovent available.

Aladdin Autovents can be purchased from Toolstation, Screwfix, B & Q (branded as "Never Bleed"), Wolseley, Travis Perkins, City Plumbing, Jewson and many other plumbers merchants.

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